Weather tested to BS6375 Part 1
Ease of maintenance
Dual colour available
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Slim-line profile

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Aluminium is a long-lasting product which means our Aluminium French Doors are durable and resistant to corrosion. Made to last a lifetime, aluminium doors require very little maintenance.

Our Aluminium French Doors are manufactured from an aluminium profile, meaning they can be adapted into a range of dorms due to the malleability of the materials.

Welglaze Aluminium French Doors come with a 10-year guarantee. Download our guarantee PDF or speak to one of our experts to find out more.

Available in any RAL colour, our Aluminium French Doors are sure to make a statement to any property. Our alternative colour range ‘Sensations’ is also available, offering a unique finish to your door.

White RAL 9001
Pure White RAL 9010
Black Blue RAL 5004
Grey Aluminium RAL 9007
Black Green RAL 6012
Black Red RAL 3007
Claret Violet RAL 4004
Graphite Black RAL 9011
Jet Black RAL 9005
Light Blue RAL 5012
Mahogany Brown RAL 8016
Oyster White RAL 1013
Nut Brown RAL 8011
Patina Green RAL 6000
Pearl Blackberry RAL 4012
Slate Grey RAL 7015

We are able to powder coat our aluminium French Doors in any RAL colour to provide you with a long lasting and attractive finish.

Key Features

Standard Lever Lever Handle
Multi Point Locking Mechanism
Curved Sashes (Square sashes available upon request)

Hardware Colours

Satin Chrome
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Product Overview

Strong slim-line profile

As French doors are made of aluminum, they are suitable for smaller structural openings and can be fitted with a taller and wider solution. When fitting Aluminum French Doors into relatively larger spaces, additional top or side lights may not be required due to the strength of the aluminum material and the profile.


A number one factor to consider when replacing or upgrading your Aluminum French Door is security. We strive to be the best and keep up to date with the best security technology and have included some of the most effective and secure locking systems available on our Aluminum French Doors.


On average, 80% of our French Doors are made up of glass. Because of this, glass specification is essential for the highest thermal performance. Our Aluminum French Door sets feature 28mm double glazed units which are coated with a standard, soft but tough safety glass.

Energy Efficient

Using the best technology, we can assure you that our Aluminium French Doors are energy efficient and designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible in your home, reducing draughts, and blocking out the cold air. Including multiple rigid rubber seals, all of our bi-folding door systems utilise the latest polyamide thermal barrier technology.



Key Measurements


Profile Depth – 70mm
Profile Width – 102.5mm
Typical Sightlines – 132mm
Sill height – 25mm


Maximum height – 2500mm
maximum width – 1050mm

Technical Documents

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