PVCu Sash Windows

When measuring the windows, how much of the frame can I fit behind the brick reveal?

The external face of the outer frame is the section in question here. This profile section measures 69mm which is 52mm of flat profile and 17mm of sculpted profile. You can put up to 40mm of the flat section of the profile behind your reveal but we would usually recommend 30mm each side.

Can your windows be installed into ‘listed’ properties?

To date the best result we have had is having permission to install them to the sides and rear of a listed property. Generally the consensus when asking about PVC windows is ‘no’ however it is always worth a try. If you find that you may require some additional information from Welglaze directly, please just give us a call. We will always do what we can to help.

Have you ever had your windows installed in conservation areas?

Yes. Conservation areas are sometimes a bit of a sticking point, but on the whole we have had great success. I am sure you will appreciate that each area is different and the majority of the time you are are reliant on one specific individual to give you green light but in our experience we do seem to be having more and more success. My suggestion however would be to go with a wood-grain finish, most conversation areas I have dealt with tend to like the white wood-grain finish opposed to the smooth white PVC.

What is the depth of your sliding sash frame?

The depth of our sliding sash window is 135mm from front to back (excluding the sill).

How do I know what sill to put on my sliding sash windows?

If you have an existing stone sill then usually our 150mm sill with upstand is the most suitable because it has no external projection. To check which is the most suitable sill then Please refer to the technical section or view the sill comparison document. Both of which have information which will answer your questions.

Can I have trickle vents and safety restrictors fitted post manufacture?

Yes you can but it will be costly. Both of these items are simply not designed to be fitted afterwards they must be included at the quotation stage. If you want to fit them afterwards then it would usually result in a new glazed top sash, so try to get this right to start with.