PVCu Casement Windows

What is the depth of your casement window glass units?

Our casement windows accept a 28mm glass unit.

Can I choose to have my windows externally beaded?

All of our windows and doors are internally beaded.  We do not offer an externally beaded option.

Can you offer mechanical joints on your casement windows instead of the welded section?

Yes, we can offer mechanical joins in relation to the transom and mullions but not the outer frame or the actual opening sashes. Please also be aware that in some instances the windows may have to be externally glazed to achieve this.

How do I measure my windows?

Due to their being many different types of window installations it is very difficult to identify every scenario. Should you have any questions in the meantime, then please just email through or give us a call.

Can I fit trickle vents after installation?

No. With our casement windows we actually fit the trickle vents in the head of the outer frame and not the sash. When a trickle vent is specified in a casement window we actually use a larger profile section for the head of the window changing it from a standard 56mm outer frame to 78mm outer frame to incorporate the trickle vent and without compromising on the distance between the vent and your internal plaster line.

What is the depth of the casement window outer frame?

The frame depth of the casement window is 70mm.