To ensure you get your order promptly and in good condition please read the following information, it might be worth printing it out to help you with your delivery.

Booking the delivery

When your order is placed via the Sales Department you will be given a ‘week commencing’ delivery date. This is to clarify what week you can expect your delivery to take place. This is not a specific date, just an indication. On receipt of this document you must make us aware of any delivery restrictions to your property that may affect the delivery. This can be things like narrow roads, low bridges, and weight restrictions etc.
We generally use 18.5 tonne rigid box vehicles to deliver the majority of our products. If you feel that there may be an issue with the size of the delivery vehicle then Welglaze must be informed when you receive this document. If the driver arrives and is unable to deliver to you this will result in re-delivery charge if the products have to be returned to our depot.

Delivery charge

Our deliveries are normally free of charge. However, in some circumstances we may charge between £0 – £200 per order (not per window), depending on where you are in the mainland UK and the number of windows ordered.

The week before your delivery is due you will receive a text message from our transport department stipulating the following:

Estimated delivery date
The name of the driver who will be delivering your products
The driver’s contact telephone number
Your order reference(s)
Delivery postcode
Outstanding balance if applicable

If you do not have a mobile telephone, we will call you using a land line to confirm these details. If you have no contact number we will email these details to you. You will need to ensure your availability during this specified day of delivery in order that the goods can be accepted, signed for and any outstanding payments made if required. The delivery of goods will be delayed if we are unable to contact you directly to book in the delivery.

Confirmation of the delivery

You are welcome to contact the driver directly to discuss what time he will be with you rather than waiting in all day for him. If you prefer not to contact the driver, he will call you approximately 1 hour before he is scheduled to deliver to you to confirm his attendance.

The delivery

Once the driver arrives, he will in most cases be able to off load the goods on his own (however a helping hand is always welcome). The goods will be deposited on your property but will not be taken in to your house as he is not insured to do so. This is non-negotiable. When the items have been delivered, you will have 15 minutes with the driver to check through the items to make sure there has been no visible transit damage to the items. Although rare, if there has been any damage, then the items must be returned to Welglaze for rectification. The reason we ask this is if we need to replace the product it is much quicker to send the original back with the driver to get the whole replacement process moving as quickly as possible. If you are unsure please call Welglaze during the delivery. The delivery note must be signed, name printed and dated as proof that all items have been delivered in good order. Any outstanding balance must be paid prior to the driver leaving.

After the delivery

Hopefully you should be well on the way to creating a dream project. If you have any questions, just let us know via the ‘customer care’ section here on our website or give us a call directly on 01763 271811 and we will of course be happy to help out as best we can.